Businesses with high reputations and good reviews are the best for attracting new customers, according to a new study by an online research company.

In fact, the study shows that if a company has a great reputation online, then it can help attract customers, while also attracting new business.

“If you have good reputations, people will come to your site and they will buy your product, or they will come back to your website, or even if they don’t buy from you, they will get a referral to another website, and then they’ll buy it on their own,” said David Kesten, CEO of the digital marketing firm ProtonMail, which surveyed nearly 3,000 businesses to find out what factors made them successful online.

“But if they have bad reputations online, they’re not going to come back,” Kestens said.

“People are looking for more value.”

Pros: High reputations are a good predictor of quality, according a recent study by online marketing firm Kestensen.

Cons: People may not be willing to pay for a product they are not interested in.

The study found that people with good reputions tend to be more likely to pay, while people with bad reputes tend to not.

Pros: You can easily find a business with good reputation online. Cons