Facebook has added more than 900 new hires as the company gears up to welcome the internet era.

The company announced the hires Tuesday at its annual investor conference.

The news comes as the firm is preparing for a period of rapid growth as it launches more apps and services across all of its platforms, from video to mobile to social.

Facebook is also building a new “social” group in order to make it easier for users to share their stories and other information with one another.

Facebook said that in addition to the hires, it is also hiring 100 engineers to help develop new tools and services.

It is also adding 100 more designers and engineers to its design team, and is expanding its design-focused engineering team to hire 25 more.

The company said it has added 1,100 engineers to the new team.

Facebook has been investing in new tools to help users keep up with their news feeds, including an interactive “Trending” section that will allow users to see new trending topics, which it says will be used by users to create their own trending posts.

The Trending section, which is currently being developed, will be launched in the coming weeks.

Facebook also said that it will be hiring 100 people to support its social media team, which has also been focusing on building a more streamlined user experience.

“As we work to build a more personalized experience for users, we’re taking a step back to see what new ideas are driving the growth of the product,” said Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg in a statement.

“We are looking for new ways to make our product better for users while also making it more user-friendly and easier for people to use.”

The hiring spree is in line with Facebook’s broader plans to hire a large number of employees as it prepares for the arrival of the era of “mass adoption.”

The company is also expected to expand its data team as it expands its reach into the emerging data-driven industries, such as health, finance, and more.

It also said it is adding a number of “infrastructure” roles to its data teams to help it better serve its users and customers.

The hires were announced just a few days after the company announced that it is looking to hire another 250 people to help with the transition from traditional data-heavy operations to a more digital-first one.