The Cypriots are going all in on digital marketing.

That’s according to a report from global digital marketing company iDoneThis that says the country is aiming to double its digital revenues by 2020, and is already in the process of creating a “digital city” that will serve as a “hub for the digital economy”.

The company says that “Cyprus will be the digital capital of the Mediterranean and the Balkans”.

iDoneThere has been a significant increase in internet traffic in the past couple of years, with the average number of internet users in the country climbing from over 10 million in 2015 to over 15 million in 2020.

The company attributes this to the country’s “highly competitive and growing market for content and content distribution”, but it says the market has also seen “significant expansion in content consumption”.

A new startup called iDone is hoping to take the next step by developing a website that will allow content creators to reach a large and passionate audience via an online platform.

The website will allow users to upload and share content, as well as make it available to others on the internet.

“We will offer a digital platform for the content creation and distribution of content, which will be made available to anyone, anywhere in the world,” iDone CEO and founder Joris Evers said in a statement.

The iDone website will let content creators upload, publish and share their content online.

The platform will be “available to everyone” in the region, the statement added.

iDone currently operates in the European Union, but the company plans to expand in the next year, with plans to operate in other countries.

The statement says iDone plans to have its first site up and running in the Balkans by the end of 2020.

“Our goal is to provide content creators with a platform for monetization, which is very similar to how content creators monetize in the US,” Evers told Ars.

“If we succeed, it will be a very significant opportunity for content creators.”