The Malaysian government has been struggling with the cyber attack on its countrys internet infrastructure, with the prime minister claiming that the attacks are the result of “malware” but not necessarily malware itself.

The attack is said to have targeted the country’s National Computer Centre, which has been the source of government data and has been under pressure since last year after a series of breaches by a group of Chinese hackers that included the nation’s sensitive financial records.

Malaysia’s National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) has been unable to provide any evidence of the hackers’ involvement, saying it would look into the matter, but some cyber experts are skeptical of the claims.

The Malaysian government’s claims are based on a faulty premise, said Andrew Metcalf, a cybersecurity expert and the founder of cybersecurity consultancy Blue Coat Security.

Metcalf explained that cyber attacks are often carried out by criminals using tools that are not available to governments.

Malay officials have made no mention of any cyber attack against the National Computer Center, but many cybersecurity experts are sceptical of the government’s account of the matter.

“Malaysian authorities are claiming that they are not the ones who are responsible for the attacks, but instead a group that has been targeting the National Cyber Centre.

There is no evidence of this,” said Metcaf.”

So why do they have to claim that they don’t have the ability to defend their citizens from these attacks?

It seems a bit strange that they would say this.

The evidence suggests otherwise.”

Malaysians are now demanding the government launch a comprehensive investigation into the cyber attacks, saying the government has failed to protect its citizens from them.

“We are very concerned about the cyberattacks against the Malaysian government,” said Najib Razak, the Prime Minister.

“This is a clear violation of Malaysian law, which gives the government wide powers to monitor and control the cyber activity.”

The Prime Minister has said that the cyber threat to the country is not new, and that cyber security will be a key part of his government’s agenda for the next five years.

“There are cyber attacks that have been going on for many years and I am sure this will continue,” he said.

“The cyber threat is an integral part of our national security and it is vital that Malaysia is protected from these cyber attacks.”