Dubai:  Emirati tourism agency Adalah announced it has set-up a website with the help of Facebook to help visitors deal with the disruption of the Dubai International Airport (DIA) as well as to manage and manage travel to the country.

Adalah’s website, which is operated by UAE Tourism Board, will provide a portal for visitors to navigate their travel plans and find out the details of their accommodation and flights.

The website will also provide travel advisories and travel alerts, including details about air travel, hotels and transportation options for all airlines.

It will also offer suggestions and help on how to book travel through its portal, as well in case of disruptions or other difficulties during travel.

Adalahs website is part of a new initiative by the UAE Government to develop a unified digital infrastructure for all travel in the country and for its citizens to be able to travel online.

Dubai’s tourism board, which manages the city’s airports, also announced the creation of a digital portal, with the aim of making travel more convenient, easier and reliable.

According to an Adalahs spokesperson, the portal will be available for users of the UAE, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia, while the website for visitors from the United Kingdom will be open.

The website, located at:, will be free to use and be accessible on any mobile device.

It will be the first portal for travel in Dubai to be created by the Government, which has been tasked with building a digital infrastructure that is transparent and effective in helping the citizens of the country travel more efficiently and efficiently.

Adlaz Sheikh, the UAE Minister for Tourism, Tourism and Sports, said the portal would help visitors find accommodation, hotels, travel information, travel alerts and other travel-related information.

“We want to encourage all travelers to use the portal as a means to navigate our city, but also to stay informed about any disruptions to our city,” Sheikh said.

“The portal will help users in a variety of ways, including providing travel advisaries and travel updates, as a portal of travel information.” 

According to the UAE Ministry of Tourism, Adalas website will allow users to search for hotels, airlines and travel destinations, as it has done for the past several years.

There will be links to information and tips on travel, and travel advisors for travelers who need to find out more about a particular trip.

Some of the sites that will be on the site include the UAE Travel Bureau, Emirates Travel Service, Emirates Booking Service, Dubai Travel Center, Emirates Hotel, Dubai Tourism and Dubai Airports.

Last month, the Government launched a website and app for UAE residents, which will allow them to book flights and accommodation.

But the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said that it would not be able provide the portal for UAE citizens, as there are too many regulations.

Earlier this month, Dubai Municipality, the City’s Executive Council and the Dubai Tourism Authority launched an initiative to improve the online experience for travelers in the city, including offering information about travel advisions and travel offers.