When you browse Amazon.com today, you probably saw a big yellow arrow in the top right corner.

If you clicked on the arrow, you might have gotten a free item in your shopping cart.

The yellow arrow, though, is no longer an option on the website.

Instead, you’ll see a little blue box at the top of your shopping list.

When you click on the box, you’re presented with a list of products.

If you click the “Shop Now” button at the bottom, the page will pop up with a selection of items to shop for, plus a price.

To shop for products on Amazon, you have to click on a blue box in the middle of the page, and click the product you want.

You’ll then get a confirmation email with a link to the product page.

You can find products in many categories on Amazon.

But you can also shop for specific items by clicking on the product name.

If a product has an “SOLDOUT” tag on the bottom of the product, you won’t see the item on Amazon for sale.

You can still purchase items through the Amazon storefront, however.

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