Android is coming soon to Apple Watch.

The free monthly subscription service will launch on the Android Wear platform in 2019.

The app, called “Music on Watch,” will be available on Wear devices starting in 2019, according to an email obtained by Axios.

The Apple Watch app will also be available for download in 2019 for Android Wear devices.

“We want to ensure that Apple Watch users are always able to listen to the music they love, and this will be one of the first times that Apple will offer this option on Android,” Apple said in the email.

“Apple Watch users can get the latest music on their wrist in 2019.”

Music on Apple Watch is a subscription service for Apple Watch that allows users to listen and purchase music through their watch.

Apple’s service allows users pay $10 per month for unlimited access to the service.

The subscription service is currently available only on Android Wear.

Apple also confirmed that the free monthly Music on Watch service will be coming to Android in 2020, and Apple Watch owners can use the app to listen through their smartwatch.

Apple has previously said that it is planning to launch an Android app for the Apple Watch and that Android Wear will eventually be able to integrate with the iPhone.

The Music on Apple Wat app will be free to Apple users on iOS, but will cost $10 to $30 per month to users on Android.

The $10 and $30 subscription prices are for iOS users only, though it is possible that a separate $10-per-month subscription for Android users will also launch in the future.

Apple’s Music on Android service will feature an extensive selection of music on-demand for Apple’s customers.

The service will include access to all Apple Music content, including Apple Music Premium, the new Apple Music catalog, Apple Music and Apple Music on demand.

The music will be streamed over a dedicated app that includes a playlist and a music player.

Apple Music Premium and Apple Premium Music will both include exclusive streaming and offline access to music on demand, along with unlimited streaming and downloading of music.

Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash will be offered for $5 a month for Apple Pay, $10 a month and $20 a month respectively.

Apple is also rolling out its free music service in a new app called “Watch Music.”

The new app will include an on-screen interface to stream and download music on a wrist and a dedicated playlist.

The new app features a selection of the music on the Apple Music app, as well as the “Watch” app that lets users stream music through an Apple Watch to their Apple Watch, iPhone or Apple Watch Sport.

Apple has previously stated that Apple Music will eventually add access to Apple Music to its app, though a specific date for when Apple Music is integrated with Apple Watch has not yet been announced.

Apple will also expand its music subscription service to iOS users with the launch of the Apple Pay for Music app in the coming months.

The Pay for iTunes app will enable Apple Pay to be used on iTunes, the iTunes Store, Apple TV, Apple Watch or Apple TV Smart TVs.

Apple announced last month that it will launch a new music service, called Apple Music Music, on Android and iOS devices.

Apple will integrate its service with Android Wear by the end of 2019, Apple said.

Apple Watch will be the first smartwatch that users can use to listen directly to music through the Apple Band app, Apple explained.

Apple Watch owners will be able use the Apple Watches Music app to stream music from their watch and access Apple Music.

Apple Music subscribers can use their Apple Watts Music account to stream from the Watch, and the watch can then listen to any Apple Music track on the watch through Apple Music’s built-in speakers.

Apple also confirmed in September that it plans to bring Apple Watch Music to Android Wear in 2019 with the release of an Android Wear app.

Apple confirmed earlier this month that Apple is working with Google on a music streaming app for Android.

Google will offer its own music streaming service, Android Music, which is set to launch later this year.

Apple said that Android is a perfect fit for music because it is “more accessible, more convenient and better for all users.”

The app will offer a comprehensive catalog of all music on Apple Music, along the same principles as Apple Music for iOS.

Google Music will offer free unlimited streaming access to any song that is available for free on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Apple said that Apple Pay will also make its way to Android devices later this fall.