Google+ is the next big product to hit the mainstream.

With a new logo and new features, Google+ offers a wide range of possibilities for advertisers to reach their audiences, including video, photos, and music.

But the new product has a lot to offer that Facebook and other big companies have lacked.

The new Google+ logo The Google+ redesign is an overhaul of the existing Google logo, which debuted last year with the unveiling of the company’s new mobile search feature and the addition of its own search engine.

In this version, the Google logo has a more modern, more modern-looking look and feels more modern.

Its more rounded, geometric-looking shape is also more pronounced, with rounded edges and a white background, a contrast that makes the logo feel more contemporary.

It also adds more of an edge to the logo, as the edges of the logo are less pronounced.

In the past, the logo would appear to lean left or right, depending on whether the user was looking up or down.

This time around, Google has opted to center the logo on the right.

The new logo also looks a lot more like Facebook.

The rounded edges are gone, replaced with a more rounded shape.

A white background is still present, but Google has used a darker blue shade to highlight the logo.

The Google+ app now also features a more subtle Google logo gradient.

The design of the new Google logo is reminiscent of Facebook’s recent redesign.

The company is also introducing a new design element, a rounded edge, to the top of the Google+ search bar, which Google has dubbed the “search bar border.”

The rounded edge is also visible on the search bar itself, which will be redesigned to match Google’s design.

The Google logo also now features a darker shade of blue on the lower right of the search field, and a more prominent blue background to the right of Google+’s search bar.

Google is also bringing back a white circle to the bottom right of each Google+ profile picture.

These circles were previously missing from the company logo, and Google is bringing them back with the new logo.

As part of the redesign, Google will also introduce a new Google Plus feature called “Pinned Stories,” which will allow users to share their favorite Google+ stories with their friends and other people they follow on the web.

The Pinned Stories feature will be available in the next few months.

In addition to new features and redesigns, Google also announced a new “New Business” feature for Google+ that will let users post content from their businesses to the platform.

The New Business feature allows advertisers to create custom video content for Google+, and advertisers can post content on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The redesigned Google+ and Google+ apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, and advertisers will be able to monetize their content through advertising, with Google taking a cut.

Advertisers can also use Google+ to promote products, such as a car repair website that sells spare parts for cars.

The car repair business can earn a commission through advertising when users share photos and videos with their businesses.

The revamped Google+ also has some interesting new features for advertisers.

One is a new feature called Pinned stories, which allows users to post stories that they created to their businesses, or those of their friends.

These stories are now called “stories,” and they’re marked with a blue circle.

The circles will appear on the Pinned story in a different color to those shown in the company homepage, and the circle will also appear on videos, posts, and images posted on the platform itself.

These “pinned stories” will appear in a sidebar on the Google Plus page that can be clicked to see the pinned stories.

This new feature will allow advertisers to get more bang for their buck, because advertisers can now target specific groups of people who share their content.

For example, if an advertiser wanted to target people with more social media followers, they can target them with Pinned Story stories about people who have more social shares on Google+.

The new Pinned Moments feature is an added bonus for advertisers, as it lets them post videos and images from their business to Google+.

This feature will also let advertisers target people on Google+ with Pined Moments, since they’ll be shown in a new sidebar on Google+, in the same color as the company icon on the home page.

Advertising on Google Plus has been limited in the past.

This new feature is supposed to open up the platform to more advertisers, but we’ll have to wait and see if it will be enough to make a dent in Google+.