How to take your internet marketing courses online and get the best out of them article With the internet age approaching, many marketers are looking to use the tools and resources they’ve learnt in their previous years of online marketing as they prepare for a digital future.

The ABC has compiled a list of the best and most relevant internet marketing skills and resources for you to get ready for the future.


Find and build online relationships You can’t build an online presence without establishing a network of people who share your interests, goals and values.

In a new book, the New York Times’ digital media columnist Amy Chozick outlines the importance of a strong online presence and the importance it places on building relationships.

She says a strong presence is a cornerstone to building a digital presence and will help you to attract, convert and retain new customers.

Online, you can build a strong digital presence by making sure you’re following a few common steps to help build your online network.

You can: build a social network that includes other digital marketers to connect you with other digital influencers who share the same goals, passions and values