Tech job seekers are going to be scrambling for answers in the coming weeks as tech employers look for new talent to help them expand their market share.

As the economy struggles to rebound from the Great Recession, job seekers will be eager to know what it takes to become a part of the tech ecosystem.

Here’s a look at how the job market will evolve as the economy recovers.


You’re looking for an internship or a job offer from an employer.

As of Wednesday, it looks like you have more options than ever before for getting a job in the field.

“You can be a programmer, a sales rep, an engineer or anything in between,” said David Trescothick, president of consulting firm Gartner.

“If you have a solid background in the industry, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a position.”

Trescsonick said tech companies have long been able to get their new hires through networking events and online job boards.

Now, it’s easier to find jobs through job boards, social media, search engines and direct mail, he said.

In fact, in the past year, more than 60% of job openings have been posted on LinkedIn, said Tresci.

And a majority of job seekers want to be in a “software developer” role, according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder.

Tresch said it’s critical for job seekers to make the right connections to ensure they’re getting the job they want.

“They need to know their network, know their company, know the person,” he said of job applicants.

“And they need to be willing to take a risk in a career that’s about building a new industry.”

Trestich said it pays to have a strong networking and job board profile and also to have an “insider’s eye” on the industry and to have “good communication skills.”


You have a high school diploma or some college credits.

Some of the most important parts of the job search are education, which helps job seekers know what they want to do in their chosen field.

But as the job hunt moves into the digital world, job hunters are also seeking a diploma.

That’s because employers are increasingly looking for applicants with a degree in computer science, engineering or other related fields.

For example, an online job listing for a security engineer at a tech firm said a college degree is needed for a position.

In addition, people are more likely to want to have completed a bachelor’s degree in a field such as business, law or health care, according a survey by the nonprofit Institute for Career Education.

If you have an associate’s or bachelor’s in a relevant field, it could make you an even better candidate for a job, said Jim Smith, a vice president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.

The institute found that, over the past three years, more people than ever have taken the Pathway to the Future (PTO) exam.

“It’s very important to have at least a high-school diploma,” Smith said.


You want to work with others in your field.

When hiring, it can be tempting to think of all the different types of people who might work in your industry.

But that can be confusing.

For one thing, a career in the cloud is typically a different kind of career than that of a typical IT support worker, Trescu said.

The same is true for sales and customer support, where job seekers have different roles in a sales organization and can get paid different rates, he added.

It can also be hard to find an opportunity to work on a project that requires some kind of collaboration with other people, Trestic said.

“Some people think that a good job will just require a lot of talking to other people.

But you really need to talk to people and to think critically about your role and your role in the organization,” Treschuk said.


You are looking for a role in a team.

“When I was a junior in high school, we were working on the team in the IT department and we were in the middle of developing a project,” Tresti said.

Tresticy was asked to be a consultant for a startup that would become a start-up and he was one of the project managers.

But his boss said he was too busy to work at the company and he left the project to go to work for his own company, which Trestiy was working for.

He worked as a sales representative and then as a consultant, but he also worked as an engineer on a team building a web application.

“So it wasn’t that I was not qualified for a team, it was just that I wasn’t ready to do that role,” he explained.

“I was too scared to be there.”

But he was able to leave his job and get a job at a start up company in the same field.

In 2016, Tregi joined the company as a full-time engineer