WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Sunset Internet News, an online news portal, has won a $6 million US federal contract with the US government to promote the Internet, said a news release.

The government agency awarded the contract to Sunrise because of its “high-quality” digital platform and the fact that Sunrise is an internet news platform, the news release said.

Sunrise, a leading provider of news for the news industry, has more than 5 million monthly unique visitors, according to data from ComScore.

For more than a decade, Sunrise has provided a diverse, innovative, and innovative news service that delivers news to a wide variety of audiences.

The news service’s broad range of news sources is available to readers of multiple news platforms including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other mobile devices, the release said, citing an industry source.

“We believe that the Sunrise News service is a critical part of our company’s mission to be the leading source for the information and analysis needed to support our businesses’ growth,” Sunrise CEO Scott Fergus said in a statement.

“Sunrise News is our largest digital service, with more than 35 million unique visitors annually.

We are excited to join a broad coalition of partners to ensure we continue to deliver compelling, high-quality content to our subscribers.”

Sunrise said the contract will pay for the purchase of three satellite antennas for the project, which will be funded with a loan from the Federal Communications Commission.

The antennas are expected to be installed in Winnipeg and Ottawa, which are located about 40 miles apart.

Sunrise announced last year that it was expanding into the United States, Canada, and Europe, and was partnering with news websites, such as the BBC, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, The Wall St Journal, and The New York Times, to distribute its content online.

The agency awarded Sunrise a $5.5 million US government contract in February 2017 to promote Internet news, including digital news, through its online service.