When your customer is more important to you than your product or service, what’s the right brand strategy to capitalize on?

According to a new study from brand analytics company BrandMatrix, brand managers should focus on how to “implement the best experience for each customer” and “build relationships with those customers that drive their purchasing behavior.”

Here are some of the key strategies to be aware of: Create a great customer experience: In a new survey, BrandMatrix found that customers tend to like brands with “a sense of humor, a sense of service, and a strong sense of belonging.”

A brand that’s “unique” is one that appeals to customers who aren’t used to brands that have this sort of experience.

BrandMatrix surveyed over 200 brands in the United States, Europe, and Asia and found that consumers prefer brands that offer “authentic, high-quality service.”

“A strong sense that the brand’s mission is important and that the company cares about you can help people find your brand more easily,” the study’s authors wrote.

“It’s also a way to show that the brands that are doing well have a genuine commitment to your brand.”