The internet marketing world has changed a lot in the past 10 years.

With more than 1 billion internet users worldwide, and millions of websites online, the industry has become a big part of our daily lives.

But one of the biggest changes was the shift in how we interact with brands and content.

As websites and apps proliferate, so do the challenges.

Craig Wright, CEO of content management company Deltaworks, talks about how his company went from having one website to thousands of sites and hundreds of millions of visitors, and how he’s been changing how the industry operates to keep up with it.

Wright also talks about the changes he’s seen in the world of online advertising and how his team is working to keep things on track.

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Interview HighlightsCraig Wright:How does a company like Deltaws adapt to the shift?

Craig Wright, Content Management Director, The biggest change we’ve seen in this industry is the change of how we’re going to communicate with brands.

We’re working on a platform called Content Manager, which is really a tool for the content owners.

So, they can take the content that they’re looking to monetize, and they can turn that into a paid experience that you can see on your website.

So that’s a big change for us, and we are learning how to use the platform to improve our content.

And then, the second major change is the transition to a more digital world, where our brand assets are increasingly digitally connected, and the way that we deliver content has changed.

It’s not always been that way before.

We’ve had a lot of digital assets, like our content, but they were all in digital.

But then as the technology grew, we moved to digital assets that were digital, but we were also delivering content in real time.

So it’s a much different experience to deliver content to a site on a mobile device or on an iPad.

And I think that’s really where we are seeing some of the changes.

So we’ve been building platforms for delivering content digitally, but the content creators themselves are also moving to a digital world where they can deliver content in a much more natural way.

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