The Internet Marketing Program at the University of Arizona is offering a $25,000 scholarship to students who want to pursue a career in Internet Marketing.

The scholarship is part of the school’s annual Internet Marketing Summit, which is taking place on April 16.

The goal of the program is to support students who are already pursuing their careers in Internet marketing.

“There are some really great opportunities in the field of Internet Marketing, but we’re trying to create a new type of career opportunity, a career that is grounded in real world business, business principles and values,” said Mark Reiner, the Director of the Internet Marketing School.

“We’re giving a chance to people who are really interested in getting a real job in the world of online marketing, and that’s a big part of this scholarship.”

“We want to encourage young people to apply to the program, and it’s a great opportunity for people who want a career outside of the classroom,” said Reiner.

Students will work at a small online company or start a new company on their own.

“The work will be done in their home and in the company’s offices, and there will be no marketing or sales staff.

It’s all online,” said Brian Ewing, one of the founders of The Internet Franchise, a company that specializes in marketing and selling their own online properties.”

So it’s really about building the company as a full-time, fully-funded, independent business, and creating a good environment for people to work,” Ewing said.”

There will be a real work environment and real support system for people, and you can really learn how to be a team player in a very hands-on way, rather than being a salesman and making sales pitches to recruit more people.””

I think this is a great chance to get a real start in business,” Ewings added.

Students can apply online for a spot in the program.

If you are interested in applying, you can visit this link to see more details about the program and to apply for your scholarship.

The deadline for applications is March 18, and Reiner said students will be chosen from the first 2,000 applicants.

The university’s program is in its fourth year.