The internet giant, Google and Twitter are starting to provide a free advertisement to users on their platforms.

The social media giants are doing it through the AdWords system and it’s expected to be rolled out soon.

Google and Twitter will be offering AdWords to anyone who clicks on the AdSense button for their platform.

This ad will then be used to advertise the content they have on their platform and it will not be shown to users.

It is a move aimed at making AdSense more accessible for small businesses.

Google has already offered free ads to customers on its platforms, which was also done for users on the website.

Twitter is also offering AdSense for its users.

Users will be able to advertise on Twitter through the new ad option.

The company has previously offered AdWords for users to advertise their products and services.

The AdSense offer is one of the first steps taken by social media firms to gain more traction on their services.

They are looking to attract more users through free advertising and to make AdSense even more popular.

Earlier this month, Google introduced the Adsense extension which allows users to add ads to their webpages.

This new feature will make AdWords even more accessible to users and businesses. Read Next