PNM is a Philippine national-owned company that owns and operates online marketing platform PMI (

Its headquarter is in Davao City.PNM has been a leading platform for the Philippines since 2011 and now has over 1.6 billion users.

In an interview with CricInfo, PNM executive director, Daniel Guzman, said he has “been working in the industry for nearly 15 years” and that he was a “pioneer in the field of online advertising.”

“We’re in the early stages of building our online platform.

We’re looking for candidates that are extremely passionate and passionate about the field.

It’s about finding the right people and I believe we’ve found them,” Guzman said.

The company employs over 2,200 people.

It has been in the spotlight recently after a series of articles about its management style.

The first was by The Hill, a Washington Post blog, which detailed how the company was not doing enough to boost its revenues.

The Hill article noted that the CEO is “trying to keep his staff together, but also to keep the company from becoming too bloated,” and that management “can’t control what the business needs to be profitable.”

In a follow-up piece published on July 7, 2016, The Hill reported that PNM was struggling with a lack of staff, and had been forced to lay off more than 20 percent of its workforce.

On May 10, the company said it had hired a new head of digital marketing, while the remaining executives were offered a severance package of $150,000.

Pamela Gonzalez, VP of communications at PNM, said that the company had been in discussions with the US Department of Justice about taking legal action.

“The DOJ has already issued a cease and desist order to PMI and has threatened legal action against us for our blatant disregard of the law,” Gonzalez said in an email to Cricinfo.

The DOJ’s complaint against PNM alleged that it “deliberately and knowingly” misled consumers by using its own online advertising platform to promote its products and services.

The complaint was filed on behalf of consumers who purchased PNM’s branded products.

It also alleged that the website did not have a proper tracking system and did not keep the information about how much people were spending.

“These products and the companies they promote have serious and lasting negative effects on consumers, and PNM has willfully failed to provide adequate information to consumers and other consumers regarding the impact these products and their associated services have on consumers,” the DOJ complaint said.PAMH Gonzalez said that PNA had “no intention” of complying with the DOJ’s allegations.

She said that, “We continue to work with them, and will continue to provide the information they ask for to help the US government with its investigation.”

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