The Internet Marketing Institute (IMI) has put out a report which suggests that the vast majority of job seekers have a need to know more about their industry before they begin to invest in online marketing.

The report by the IMI, which was released today, found that almost half of jobseekers surveyed had a need for information that would be helpful in understanding their industry and how to start and run a business.

It said that jobseekers had been advised to research the different aspects of their industry, and learn about the challenges and opportunities of the industry they were seeking.

“The internet is the best place to start a new business, the study found.

It is also a great place to find information about the latest trends in the industry,” IMI chief executive, Chris Hill, said.

Job seekers should also be aware of the online advertising industry, which is still growing but is still limited by the lack of resources available to jobseekers, he said.

Jobseekers are increasingly relying on online ads for jobs, rather than traditional job advertisements, Mr Hill said.

“As people continue to search for jobs online, they may be more confident in the quality of their resume,” he said in a statement.

“For the job seeker, the information they get on the internet is invaluable and can be a very valuable resource to a career.”

Job seekers could also be getting a bit of advice from a friend or relative, who can provide some valuable information, Mr Gee said.

“They can provide useful information to help job seekers understand how to manage their digital career.”

In 2016, jobseekers received about 11 million job applications, of which 3.1 million were from jobseekers.

However, that figure only represents about 20 per cent of the jobseekers who applied for the job.

The data also found that a lot of job applicants were not aware of their options for job searching, including finding a career mentor or a career counsellor.

Mr Hill said it was vital that job seekers had information about their options, so they could make informed decisions about their careers and careers options.

“It is important that employers know how to communicate with jobseekers and their colleagues, particularly about their career choices,” he told the ABC.

“In the last 12 months, employers have been looking for more information about jobseekers to help them make more informed decisions.”

The number of job seeker information sessions that have taken place in the last year alone are a testament to the importance of getting job seekers the information and tools they need to make informed choices.

“He said that employers needed to be more proactive in their online advertising, particularly to reach out to people who were not jobseekers but had some job skills.”

I think it’s really important that job seeker organisations and job agencies are doing more to help get job seekers on the right track,” Mr Hill told the news outlet.


It’s a lot harder to find jobs right now, and job seekers are going to be the first ones to say ‘no’ to these job offers,” he added.